The Aga Khan Museum has so much history & sophistication, noteworthy combination. Grateful is definitely the word for the invitation that Sonia gave me. She is one of the event coordinators of the museum.

Everything started with the coat check that they have and a joyful volunteer grabbing my coat. Then we move to the tour, Aga Khan has such a variety for weddings, private events & business meetings. Imagine getting married surrounded by centuries of history having your ceremony in a courtyard with the sun shining directly descending from heaven.

When, I come to think about Aga Khan museum every room or element has to do with light, reflection & history. At the center of the museum, there is a stone-tiled, glass-enclosed courtyard. These walls have a design in the glass so for when the light heats the glass the reflection is not empty but with and design. Also for an evening event, it could be light up with some color lights to give the same effect.

The Atrium that surrounds the courtyard can be used for a reception and cocktail hour. The capacity in the courtyard is 225 seated and in the atrium 185- 240 seated, 400 standing.

The Bellerive room has a breathtaking background for an intimate wedding celebration. The Bellerive room os a Persian-style salon with a collection of ceramics that date back to the 9th century. It has a magnificent screen broad from Cairo and made for the museum. The capacity seated is 40-65 guest.

The auditorium and Lapis Lounge seats 340 guests with a lovely balcony. It has two sets of lobbies or cocktail areas. This space includes an architectural staircase with deep blue colors and white panels. The capacity of the lobbies in each level 90 standing.

Let's move on to the Diwan, the stunning décor evokes the luxury of a private Syrian home in the early 19th century. Its wooden panels, hand-carved and painted make these room a unique acquisition. The oldest examples of such panels date to the early 17th century in Aleppo, and similar rooms are preserved in Damascus, Hama, Sidon, and Antakya. The mirrors, partly original, and the repertoire of motifs of the Aga Khan Museum’s “Damascus Room” suggest the influence of European Baroque and Rococo art. These stunning room overlooks the gardens and has his own private patio. The capacity seated 85 inside the restaurant or with a tent extension of 225 guests.

The Patrons Lounge offers a versatility, privacy, and elegant touch. It overlooks the pools park; perfect for a bridal suite or a glam ceremony. It has his own bar, washroom & kitchen service. Seating or standing capacity of 34 guests.

The Aga Khan park is an oasis in an urban city. The park and gardens are a contemporary design with the essence of a traditional Islamic garden. It features five reflective pools in the spring through to the fall. The capacity with a tent is 400 guests.

Well, there you have it seven wonderful spaces for you to only jump in and get married or add special personal touches to make it more sophisticated.

Scroll down to see some great pictures to get inspired!

Aga Khan Museum

The Patrons Lounge

Happy Planning!